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is a creative and dynamic team, which is working with professional youth to grow and create new themes and projects. Tafakornarenji has its own goals and goes with its own method. It is similar to no one except himself, he learns from his experiences; one can live in Tafakornarenji and this is not a risky at all.


A big international community which based on human to have several business that satisfy everyone.


Our mission is focus on humanity in order to achieve self-actualization in global platform

Our Features



Sometimes you have to think out of box. Sometimes it is necessary to think that there is not any framework. Creativity is one of our keys to our rational growth.


This concept do not need to be described longer. However, if we want to have a professional description, the point is that the intelligent effort is derived from all the experiences of failure, success, study, and so on and enjoys trying to be satisfied. Because any kind of effort is making unique result.


What we mean by this word is the ability to learn; unique sense as we develop the ability to learn within ourselves. We learned learning through survival of Primitive. You have to learn to grow at this moment.


Planning is a context that interpret producing a structured order out of our disturbance. Half of the structure is built and the other half is the result of implementation. We learned about planning through shortage of planning.


Consider leadership as a light that illuminates the following path. In the absolute darkness, light illuminates the path, and all we do our best to determine path. Beside all mentioned, leadership should be appropriate to any kind of circumstances that we live and it is one necessity.

Multiple Business

By the way, according to Warren Buffett, one should not merely earn a living through one business. Moreover, focus should not be lost when you have multiple business. We are moving towards a multi-centered and multiplex structure for all of our business.


Positivity is always a win-win fact; intimacy always creates a positive sense and feeling, if positivity is controlled and managed correctly. We believe that intimacy has a huge impact on our sense of well-being and our results.


Along with all the parameters of work and cooperation, human and humanity must deal thoughtfully by engineered thoughts. All our efforts is to have a human response appropriately. Humanity is victory in all field of consideration.


Whether in life, in co-operation or in society, loyalty is always one of the priority indicators of any human. This is one of the most important parameters for us.
Loyalty is a behavioral element that, along with other parameters, makes us always feel good with together.


If boosting wasn’t in our parameters, life and work would be frustrating for us. This excellence is a constant motivation that is continual improvement to create better desire. We like to be better every day than we were.

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